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Hands-on Training on Handling Microscopes


Date: 15th September 2023

JSPM University's School of Forensic Sciences recently hosted a captivating hands-on training lecture titled "Brief Introduction about How to Handle Microscopes" on 15th September 2023. Mr. Deepak Kumar, an Instrument/Application Engineer from Radicon Scientific Instruments Co. Inc., led the session, aiming to equip students with essential knowledge and skills in microscope operation and handling. The session kicked off with a comprehensive introduction to microscope types, covering polarizing, dissecting, compound, and projection microscopes. Mr. Kumar adeptly navigated through the intricacies of each type, elucidating their components and functionalities, and laying a solid groundwork for subsequent activities. The practical aspects of microscope usage took precedence, with Mr. Kumar emphasizing proper handling and care protocols. Students received detailed guidance on installation, calibration, and operational procedures, ensuring proficiency in utilizing these instruments accurately. A highlight of the session was the hands-on activities, where students actively engaged with various samples under different microscope types. From flowers to blood samples, students had the opportunity to apply their newfound knowledge directly, reinforcing their understanding and appreciation of microscopy's relevance in forensic science. In conclusion, the lecture facilitated by Mr. Deepak Kumar provided students with a robust foundation in microscope operation and handling. Through a blend of theoretical instruction and interactive demonstrations, students not only expanded their knowledge but also developed practical skills essential for their future endeavors in forensic science.

Professional Talk on Role and Importance of Forensic Science


Date: 16th October 2023

Organized by the School of Forensic Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, and coordinated by Ms. Pallavi Jaiswal, a compelling event titled "Role and Importance of Forensic Science in Criminal Investigation, Current Scenario of Forensics Maharashtra and in India" took place on 16th October 2023, from 10 am to 12 noon, at the Aryabhata Auditorium, Faculty of Science & Technology, JSPM University Pune. The event featured Mr. Vikas V. Avhale, a distinguished Forensic Expert from the Maharashtra Police Academy, Nashik, as the guest speaker. Mr. Avhale's extensive expertise in the field made him the perfect candidate to shed light on the significance of forensic science in criminal investigations, particularly within the context of Maharashtra and India. Beginning with an overview of Forensic Science Laboratories and their integral role in the criminal justice system, Mr. Avhale elaborated on their specialized tools and technology. He delved into various divisions within FSLs and the broad scope of forensic science, touching upon its applications in solving a myriad of crimes, from homicides to cybercrime. Moreover, Mr. Avhale provided valuable insights into the qualities and skills essential for aspiring forensic experts, alongside updates on advancements in forensic science within Maharashtra. Real-world case examples and visual aids enriched the lecture, offering attendees a deeper understanding of forensic science's practical applications and the evolving landscape of forensic investigations. With a total of 39 students in attendance, spanning across different academic disciplines, the event aimed to enrich students' understanding of forensic science while potentially inspiring future careers in the field. It provided a platform for networking and fostering critical thinking skills, further emphasizing the vital role forensic science plays in ensuring justice and solving crimes.

Guest Lecture on Modern Day Approaches to Forensic Sciences


Date: 20th October 2023

School of Forensic Sciences at JSPM University hosted a compelling event titled "Modern Day Approach to Forensic Science and Establishing an Investigative Firm." Led by Ms. Pallavi Jaiswal, the event featured Ms. Piyusha Shinde, Director & Founder of Troth Forensics, Pune, as the guest speaker. With 35 students in attendance, Ms. Shinde's presentation provided a comprehensive overview of forensic science's principles and its crucial role in criminal investigations. Through engaging discussions and real-life case examples, she highlighted various forensic science branches, evidentiary materials, and the steps to establish an investigative firm. The event fostered a deeper understanding of forensic science's significance and potential career paths in the field, offering valuable insights into modern investigative techniques and their applications in solving crimes. Attendees left with a heightened appreciation for forensic science's role in ensuring justice and solving crimes.

Interactive Session with Forensic Laboratory Expert


Date: 27th November 2023

Forensic Science students at JSPM University were treated to an insightful interaction led by Dr. Dhirendra Singh Yadav, a distinguished Forensic Scientist specializing in DNA analysis at the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL), Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. With an impressive academic background and additional qualifications in Criminal Justice and Forensic Science, Dr. Yadav brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the session. During the interaction, Dr. Yadav shared valuable insights into DNA analysis techniques and their application in forensic investigations. Drawing from his extensive experience, he provided students with a deeper understanding of the role of DNA evidence in solving crimes and establishing identities. With credentials including CSIR-NET-JRF in Life Science, GATE in Life Science, and UGC-NET in both Forensic Science and Criminology, Dr. Yadav exemplified excellence in his field. His interaction likely sparked curiosity and inspired students to explore the diverse opportunities available in forensic science. Overall, the session with Dr. Yadav catalyzed students' learning and engagement in the field of forensic science, providing them with valuable insights and inspiration for their future careers.

Visit to Lonikand Police Station


Date: 12th February 2024

The School of Forensic Sciences arranged a Visit to Lonikand Police Station for students of B.Sc. and M.Sc. Forensic Science. Vishwajeet Kaingade, the Police Inspector in charge of Lonikand Police Station, shared some useful information. He talked about how important it is for the police to pay close attention to every little detail in a crime scene. Even tiny things that might seem unimportant could be crucial for solving a case. Mr. Kaingade also explained how evidence plays a big role in catching criminals and making sure justice is served. He described how police officers go about arresting suspects and what happens during investigations. He also talked about the teamwork between police and forensic experts when they're trying to figure out what happened at a crime scene. He didn't just talk about crimes, though. Mr. Kaingade also discussed how forensic evidence helps in accidents, like car crashes, to understand what really went down. Overall, his talk helped everyone understand more about how the police and forensic science work together to solve crimes and keep people safe. During the visit, Mr. Sanjay Chavan, Police Sub Inspector, provided valuable insights by showing the First Information Report (FIR) and Chargesheet documents. He patiently answered questions posed by the students of B.Sc. and M.Sc. Forensic Science, enriching their understanding of police procedures and legal documentation. Moreover, Mr. Chavan shared updates on upcoming laws and regulations, giving attendees a glimpse into the evolving landscape of criminal justice. His explanations helped bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application, enhancing students' appreciation for the complexities of law enforcement. Additionally, Mr. Prakash Avhale offered detailed information on the Automated Multimodal Biometric Identification System (AMBIS), a cutting-edge technology developed by the Maharashtra Police for criminal identification and biometric recording. His talk shed light on the innovative tools utilized in forensic investigations, showcasing the intersection of technology and law enforcement. Furthermore, participants were given a firsthand look at the operational aspects of police facilities. Mr. Chavan and Mr. Avhale guided attendees through the cell where suspects are detained, providing insight into the practicalities of law enforcement. Additionally, they toured the evidence room, where crucial pieces of evidence are meticulously stored until court proceedings. This immersive experience provided students with a holistic understanding of the criminal justice system, from investigation to prosecution, further enriching their educational journey in forensic science.

Visit to Maharashtra MSME Defence Expo 2024


Date: 26th February 2024

Forensic Science students attended the Maharashtra Government's MSME Defense Expo 2024, aimed at fostering collaboration and growth within the defense sector. The Expo showcased Maharashtra's thriving MSME landscape, emphasizing its pivotal role in driving economic growth and providing livelihoods. Students learned about Maharashtra's strategic advantages in defense manufacturing, including its robust industrial infrastructure and major defense establishments in cities like Pune, Mumbai, and Nagpur. They gained insights into initiatives like 'Make in Maharashtra' and the state's supportive policies, which incentivize defense manufacturing and promote collaboration between government agencies, private industries, and educational institutions. Through interactions and exhibitions, students witnessed the transformative impact of the defense sector on employment generation and economic resilience in Maharashtra, positioning the state as a cornerstone of national security and innovation.

Professional Talk on Criminal Justice Administration


Date: 27th February 2024

At JSPM University's Faculty of Health Sciences, a compelling event titled "Criminal Justice Administration" unfolded on 27th February 2024, hosted by the School of Forensic Sciences. Advocate Ranjit G. Jadhav, renowned for his role at the Bombay High Court, graced the occasion as the guest speaker. With a warm introduction, Dr. S. B. Wankhede honored Adv. Jadhav, setting the stage for an insightful session. Adv. Jadhav shared real-life examples, emphasizing the crucial intersection of forensic science and the justice system. Attendees actively engaged in a simulated courtroom scenario, deepening their understanding of forensic methodologies and legal proceedings. Discussions also touched upon recent legal developments, notably Bharatiya Nyay Samhita 2023. Through active participation and over 30 questions, attendees enriched the discourse. Mr. Swaroop S. Sonone, the coordinating faculty, concluded the event with gratitude. The event yielded a deeper appreciation for the role of forensic science in criminal justice, fostering networking and collaboration among attendees. It marked a significant step forward in advancing knowledge and collaboration in this vital field at JSPM University.

Interactive Session by Renowned Academician


Date: 18th March 2024

The School of Forensic Sciences at JSPM University was treated to an enriching session led by Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Head of Department & Assistant Professor at the Government Institute of Forensic Science, Chh. Sambhajinagar. Dr. Kumar, a distinguished expert in the field, brought his wealth of knowledge to the forefront in an interactive session tailored for the students. With his extensive experience, he guided attendees through the intricacies of forensic science and its applications in the realm of criminal justice. The session commenced with Dr. Kumar's insightful presentation, providing valuable insights into forensic methodologies and their significance in modern law enforcement practices. Attendees actively engaged in discussions and practical demonstrations, deepening their understanding of the subject matter. Dr. Kumar's expertise and engaging approach left a lasting impact on the participants, sparking further curiosity and exploration in the field of forensic science. The session served as a valuable opportunity for students to learn from a seasoned professional, enhancing their knowledge and skills in this crucial area of study.

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