Students Achievements:

During the G-20 Radio live program, our accomplished students, Ms. Sanika Madamwar (B.A. Psychology) and Ms. Ipsita Sahu (M.A. English), showcased their expertise by delivering an exceptional case study presentation. Their insightful speeches captivated the audience, earning them appreciation for their articulate and engaging discourse on the subject. Ms. Madamwar, pursuing a B.A. in Psychology, brought her unique perspective to the discussion, while Ms. Sahu, pursuing an M.A. in English, contributed her depth of knowledge to enrich the presentation.

The duo's performance not only highlighted their academic prowess but also demonstrated their ability to communicate effectively in a public forum. The positive response from the audience is a testament to the quality of their presentation and the commendable skills they possess. Their success in the G20 Radio case study presentation reflects the excellence we strive for in our academic community and the valuable contributions our students make on a global platform.

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