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The Basics of Carbon Trading: Turning Emissions into Opportunities


On 5th April’24 Faculty of Business Management & Commerce organized an engaging and informative activity centered around the topic of carbon trading. Mr. Sunil Singh, an established entrepreneur from Pune addressed the students.

The event aimed to introduce students to the concept of carbon trading, its significance in mitigating climate change, and its role in promoting sustainability. Through interactive discussions participants gained a comprehensive understanding of carbon trading mechanisms such as carbon offsetting, cap-and-trade systems, and carbon credits.

The activity fostered a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness of environmental, economic, and social factors in addressing global challenges. Attendees left the event with heightened awareness about the importance of carbon trading in achieving climate goals and a newfound motivation to advocate for sustainable practices within their communities.

The success of the activity underscored the JSPM university’s commitment to environmental education and its dedication to empowering students as agents of positive change in the fight against climate change.

Content Creation, Technical Writing and Building Social Media Presence


A Workshop titled ‘Content Creation, Technical Writing and Building Social Media Presence’ was held on March 6, 2024.

It included two very engaging sessions:

i) Crafting Careers: The Art and Business of Content Creation delivered by Dr. Mariam Noronha and

ii) Career in the field of Technical Writing by Dr. Priya Abhijat Abhyankar.

The first session introduced the audience to the possibilities of content creation as a career and moonlighting opportunity. It also dwelt on the various doubts of budding content creators. The session also touched upon the ways to build social media presence, profile, and personal brand.

The second session introduced the idea of Technical Writing and Skills required for a technical writer. The session also provided information regarding opportunities for training and areas and domains where technical writers can get openings. An overview regarding ways to create the job profile of a technical writer was also provided. The teaching fraternity and students from all the Faculties of the University attended this interactive session to make the workshop rewarding.


Financial Education for Young Citizens


School of Business Management conducted three days’ workshop on the topic “Financial Education for Young Citizens” from 14th Feb to 16th Feb 2024.

The objective of the workshop was to 

  • Introduction to Basic Financial Concepts
  • Understanding Personal Finance Tools and Resources
  • Encouraging Long-Term Financial Planning
  • Navigating Financial Challenges Faced by Young Adults
  • Promoting Financial Responsibility and Accountability

The esteemed speakers for this workshop were Mr. Shiv Kumar Bhasin, Chief Operations and Technology Officer for National Stock Exchange and Mr. Rohit Warman SEBI certified Securities Market Trainer, & Finance expert.

This was conducted by JSPM University under the Aditya Birla Capital Foundation Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) Project executed by National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) – An Educational Institute of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).  This program intends to spread financial education by conducting a financial education program of 10 hours duration extended for three days for the benefit of students. Topics covered under the Program are importance of investments, introduction to securities markets, primary markets and secondary markets, mutual funds, precautions for investing, investor protection and grievances redressal mechanism & career opportunities in securities markets. 

The insights shared by speakers demystified complex financial concepts and provided practical guidance to the students to navigate the dynamic world of investments. On successful completion of the training, participants will be  given a certificate by NISM and Aditya Birla Capital Foundation. Around 100 students from BBA, B.Com. & MBA batch will receive the certificate which will add a lot of value for their career building as well as financial discipline.

Swach Bharat Abhiyan


In the quest for a cleaner and healthier India, the "Swachh Bharat Abhiyan" led by Dr. Prathamesh Nadkarni at our campus on October 1, 2023, commenced with a fervor that was contagious. 

The campaign kicked off with an awareness drive, wherein informative sessions were conducted to educate everyone about the importance of cleanliness and hygiene. These sessions, led by experts in the field, provided valuable insights into the impact of cleanliness on our overall well-being.

To further reinforce the message, a cleanliness drive was organized, wherein the entire campus was mobilized to actively participate in cleaning various areas. Armed with brooms, gloves, and a determination to make a difference, students and staff members took to the task with gusto. The campus was transformed into a hive of activity, as everyone worked together to rid it of litter and waste.

The collective efforts of the students, faculty, and staff have resulted in a visibly cleaner and more hygienic campus environment. The once littered pathways and neglected corners have been transformed into pristine spaces that inspire a sense of pride.

The "Swachh Bharat Abhiyan" has also had a positive impact on the health and well-being of our campus community. With a cleaner environment and increased awareness about personal hygiene, instances of illness and absenteeism have significantly reduced. This has led to a more conducive learning and working environment for everyone.

Short Inspiring Tale: By JSPM University and Pune Management Asso: PMA


On February 14, 2024, a joint initiative between JSPM University and Pune Management Association presented a guest session titled "Short Inspiring Tale," featuring Dr. Anirban Sarkar as the esteemed speaker. The event aimed to delve into the dynamics of entrepreneurial innovation, the significance of risk-taking, strategies for overcoming adversity, and the economic and social impact of entrepreneurship.

Dr. Sarkar's presentation was both captivating and enlightening, offering attendees valuable insights into the entrepreneurial journey. Key takeaways emphasized maintaining a clear focus, setting ambitious goals, prioritizing quality work, striving for excellence, fostering respect within teams, embracing diversification, and persevering through failures.

Dr. Sarkar's authentic storytelling illuminated the realities of entrepreneurship, inspiring the audience to confront challenges with determination and pursue innovation relentlessly. The event, attended by esteemed figures including Hon. Vice Chancellor Prof. B.B. Ahuja and Vice-President of PMA, Mr. Pradeep Tupe, witnessed active engagement from faculty, staff, and students, fostering an environment of idea exchange and shared experiences.

In conclusion, the guest session proved to be a resounding success, leaving attendees empowered and motivated to embark on their entrepreneurial endeavors with newfound vigor and insight.

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